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I cover Digital Strategy and Storytelling with incredible Vistage CEOs and Chairs from around the United States

Digital Greatness

Converting visitors from passive observers into customers

Your website is the first impression for most prospective customers. Does it tell the right story, or is it all about you? Does it thoughtfully and interactively engage a visitor in what sets your business apart?

In this session we'll dive into where you are, what may be missing and actionable ways to dramatically improve your digital strategy.

Jeff Jahn is an extraordinary speaker. He spoke to my Vistage CEO Peer Group and did an amazing job. His presentation was about websites and prior to his presentation he researched the website of each of my members and showed up having evaluated each on the various website quality indicators - clarity, speed, etc. He then scored each member in those categories. My members ate it up. I've never seen anything like it before or since. The websites of my members had work to do. However, to see Jeff provide feedback to each of them, some more than 20 years older than him, and have it done in such a way that was so positive was remarkable. They loved him.

The other area of his presentation that was impressive was how Jeff took extraordinary efforts to not sell his company. He never even mentioned the name. He clearly came as a subject matter expert, not as a shill for his own company.

Shaun Bradley

Vistage Chair

What Does a Session Include?

Members will receive an unbiased and informative session uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of their current digital strategy, with the aim of dramatically reshaping their mindset as well as providing a "BS" filter they can use when working with their marketing teams and vendors.

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